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Greensboro Electrical Installations

Greensboro Electrical Installations

North Carolina Electrical Installations

The electricians at All Right Heating and Cooling can provide you with high quality residential electrical installations. Whether you need a single ceiling fan to enhance air circulation, or you're looking to add a state-of-the-art media center to your Greensboro home, our electricians can tackle the job. We also offer a number of lighting installation services, and our experienced technicians can handle any electrical installation regardless of the size or scope.

We'll make sure that any installation we perform leaves you with a fully functioning and completely safe electrical system, and guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of the work we provide. We know how important your electrical system is to your home and your family, so we always strive to provide the highest quality workmanship at every job that we perform.

Our Electrical Installation Services Include:

  • Fan Installations
  • Base Board Heat
  • GFI Outlets and Switches
  • Dimmers and Lighting Control Systems
  • Current Code-Compliant Grounding Systems
  • Sub Panels
  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Attic & Ceiling Fans

Depending on whether or not you already have a fixture in place and on how close by the wiring is, installing a new ceiling fan can be a complicated and difficult project. But no matter how complicated the process is, you can always rely on our professional electricians to handle the job. We'll discuss your options with you before any work begins, and we'll always give you an upfront and honest estimate of work.

We can add additional bracing if the job requires it, and we can work with any kind of wiring that you have in your Greensboro home.

GFCI Outlets and Switches

When any appliances in your home aren't working properly, the electricity being supplied to them may switch from "hot" to "neutral". This can be dangerous, but Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) monitor the flow of electrician from hot to neutral and make sure that no imbalance occurs. When there is a dangerous imbalance, the GFCI detects it and trips the circuit to prevent electric shock or an electrical fire.

GFCI outlets and switches can maximize the safe your Greensboro home's electrical system, especially if you have several large appliances that are left running regularly. Our professional electricians can make sure any GFCI outlets are installed safely and accurately.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Making sure that you have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors installed in your Greensboro home is one of the best ways to keep your property and family safe. Fires grow and spread very quickly, so if a fire starts in your home, you need know as soon as possible. Having fully functioning carbon monoxide and smoke detectors installed in your home can help you keep your home as safe as possible.

If you're looking for electrical installations in Greensboro, call All Right Heating and Cooling at 336-299-2840, or fill out our online request form.