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All Right Heating & Cooling Blog Post – Air Conditioning Tune Up

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The Benefits of an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Greensboro Residents Save through Air Conditioning Tune-UpsNext time your air conditioner is not working properly, ask yourself when was the last time you gave it a tune up. There are numerous reasons and even greater benefits to scheduling a routine inspection of your air conditioner to insure that all of its components are working properly.


Save Energy

Simply put, properly functioning air conditioners run far more efficiently than poorly running units. This is particularly important during the warmest months of the year when you need your air conditioner the most. Units that are worn down have to work twice as hard in order to generate the same amount of cool air as units that in peak performance. This not only affects the air conditioner, but your entire AC system on every level. With a proper inspection, an AC technician can identify all the parts of your system that need to be repaired or replaced, make the necessary adjustments, and have your air conditioner running like new again.


Save Money

One of the greatest benefits to getting a tune-up is that you’ll see a noticeable reduction in your energy bill every month. AC systems that are running efficiently use less energy. On average you will pay 30% less on your energy bill with a healthy HVAC. It also costs less to keep up a well-maintained AC than it does to spend hundreds of dollars in major repairs, or worse, thousands for a brand new unit. You will also spend less time with labor costs, because most maintenance jobs can be completed in relatively no time at all, whereas major repairs and replacements can take several hours and multiple technicians. No matter how you look at it, you will keep more money in your pocket with routine care and tune-ups from a professional technician.



[main_area] is an area that is subject to both icy sub-freezing winters and hot humid summers. So when the temperature goes to extremes the last thing you want is for your heater or air conditioner to go out. A well taken care of system will work year round during seasons when you need it the most. You can take comfort knowing that every time your system kicks in that all components are running smoothly.


Comprehensive Tune-Up Service

When looking for a tune-up service you to find an AC contractor that can handle your entire system so that you don’t have to look for multiple companies and end up spending more money. Here are some items that any reputable AC company should be able to repair or replace.

  • Check air conditioning coolant levels
  • Inspect any coolant leaks utilizing a leak detector
  • Check for all air duct leakage or damage
  • Test for air flow pressure through the evaporator coil
  • Insure that both the heating and cooling system in your unit are both working correctly
  • Inspect all electrical connections to make sure all wiring is working
  • Check for all liquids and oils in your unit
  • Check and calibrate the thermostat
  • Check all air filters to see if they need to be changed.

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