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4 Most Common Sophia Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

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4 Most Common Sophia Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

Sophia Air ConditioningThe basic function of the air conditioning system you use for your Sophia is relatively simple, yet so many things can go wrong and cause the system not to function properly. This is because the actual system involved in the machinery behind your AC is much more complex. Some of these mistakes are ones that homeowners make yet some can even be where your so-called pro throws you off track either due to a desire to upsell or just due to a lack of training or experience.

Things to Avoid

As a homeowner, there are some things you should watch for. So even if you work with a professional, watch that they do not make any of these rather common mistakes:

  1. Running your air conditioner all the time at maximum power – Even when summer reaches its peak summer heat, you want to avoid keeping your AC running at full speed all day and all night. Some opportunities to cut down on the cooling would be during the day when you are away or during the night after you and your family have gone to bed.
  2. Shutting down completely – Many homeowners make the mistake of shutting off their AC if they will be gone for an extended amount of time. For one thing, this can make the interior of your home too stuffy and lead to potential problems. But it can also make it harder for your system to run properly when you want to use it again and can lead to build up of mold from inactivity.
  3. Choosing the wrong size – Bigger isn’t always better but too small is not a smarter option either. Either way can cause strain or overuse and end up costing you much more on your monthly utility bills, plus cause the need for a new system prematurely.
  4. Not changing the air filters – This is an easy task to forget because it is out of sight so out of mind. When in highest usage times you should be changing your filters monthly. Not doing so will enable your system to get the needed air flow and, as a result, work inefficiently.

Work With the Reputable Pros

Of course another mistake you could make is hiring someone less than reputable to get the job done. With well over 20 years of experience in the business, you can rest assured that the crew at All Right Heating & Cooling can get the job done for you. When it comes to your Sophia air conditioning service needs, let us help you get the job done.

So if you are looking for a Sophia HVAC contractor then please call us today or complete our online request form.

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