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Save Money


You’ve heard it before – buy this product/service and you are GUARANTEED to save money! The trouble is, you either sacrifice something else to get the savings, or there’s no real way to check on the savings.

Well, the answer to my question in the headline above is yes, you can cut your bill! You could be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for energy that is lost in your Thomasville home.

Call today and let us show you where and how to save your energy dollars and put it back in YOUR pocket!

Here are some items - big and small – that can add up to significant cash savings every month on your energy bill.

Wonderful Ways to Save Right Now

  1. Insulate – It just makes good sense! Attic insulation, sealing around windows, even a hot water blanket (see tips in next column) can pay for themselves very quickly. Think of your home in terms of keeping cold things cold and hot things hot. If you have less than 6-7" of attic insulation, you should add more. You can save money with insulation.
  2. New Filters are the easiest thing homeowners can do to combat the energy monster.
  3. Good Maintenance – People tend to be better at having their cars tuned than their heating and air conditioning. But considering that you spend more time in your home than in your car, isn’t home maintenance worth at least an equal investment?
  4. Improper Thermostat Settings waste more than you’d think. A couple of degrees can mean significant savings without a loss of comfort. Try setting it down at night or when you’re away. Homes with multiple systems can be adjusted to make the area you’re in more comfortable (it’s called "zoning").
  5. Electronic Thermostats can be a sure way to save those energy bucks. A programmable thermostat adjusts your system automatically around the clock. We like to say, just set it and forget it!
  6. Open Doors and Windows are great, but not when your heating system is running! Cold air quickly displaces warm air since it is heavier. Open your doors only as needed and for only as long as needed.
  7. Avoid Those Drafts – Windows, doors, ductwork and ceilings can all become drafty energy holes. Let us perform a check on your duct system and help you seal it tight.
  8. New Systems have gotten smarter each year and now energy savings can be a staggering 40% with an upgrade. If your system is 8 years or older, this rate of energy savings may apply to you.

Call us today and we can come out to perform a free Energy Inspection and tell your system’s age if you don’t know it.


So if you are looking for a Thomasville HVAC contractor then please call us today or complete our online request form.


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